Our Services

Servizi funebri, funerale, bara, cofano

We provide a complete service. From planning and paperwork to transportation and organisation of funeral ceremonies in both town, country and abroad. We also prepare bodies, dress them and make arrangements for cremation. Other services include:

  • Supplying coffins and accessories
  • Rooms burning
  • Floral Arrangements
  • Handling of the body, paperwork and liaison with the cemetery
  • Cremation
  • Drawing up and posting notifications of passing

Floral Arrangements

Onoranze and Arteco Funerals also provide a dedicated floral arrangement service. We can create floral tributes to your loved ones in a variety of colour, mood and style - personalised to suit your wishes.

Funereal Transportation Services

We also provide a limousine and transportation services for funerals, local and international and can arrange for the body to be transported abroad. This service is also available as part of our local funeral and cremation service.

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